“Reconcilable Differences: Hearing Paul’s Heartbeat Above a Hermeneutic of Hierarchy,” Pt. 1

This essay examines the theme of reconciliation through three of Paul’s letters: Philemon, Colossians and Philippians. By tracing Paul’s concept of unity and reconciliation as they flow through these letters, I hope to gain insight into how the reconciliation, demonstrated by Christ’s submission to God unto death, developed into the ethical practice for Christians.  The... Continue Reading →

The Priestly Work of Mothering

Of all the artistic renditions of the Madonna and her child, I find the one above, a Haitian Madonna and her son, captures best the fullness and richness of Mary’s life—one of poverty, yet filled with the wealth of home and family. The Haitians, like the Jewish people, were dispersed from their rightful homes, yet... Continue Reading →

The Conundrum of a Faux-Paul

What if Paul is not the author of the letter to Timothy as tradition teaches? What if someone masquerading as Paul wrote it instead? Would that matter to you? Would this change how we teach and apply the letter today?  This essay concerns the matter of pseudonymity for letters traditionally attributed to Apostle Paul. Many Bible scholars surmise this is the... Continue Reading →

It All Began with a Hapax in a Haystack

In my Bib Research class in 2014, the professor assigned the task of selecting a scripture passage that would form the foundation for our final research project. I began listing subject after subject— theological matters that were of interest to me, while doggedly steering clear of all women’s issues.  But a thought niggled its way... Continue Reading →

The Trinity & Hinduism

My husband and I spent three weeks in August, 2018, visiting friends in Chennai, India. This particular trip coincided with India's Independence Day. Businesses, colleges and schools closed to celebrate the national holiday. We spent the day with friends touring Ramanujar Temple, one of the many temples in Tamil Nadu. The Ramanujar Temple is dedicated to Vishnu. Vishnu... Continue Reading →

God-things & Me

God, God-things and theology have been vitally essential for me as long as I remember. This heart cry—to know God and to make God known to others—began in my childhood and continues to compel my heart today.  I attended a small non-denominational Christian college associated with the Restoration Stone-Campbell churches in Nebraska. Here I met... Continue Reading →

A Child-like Theodicy…

From my earliest memories I have maintained a deep and intimate relationship with the Creator of this grand universe and have spent many years coming to understand how God moves and works in my life. My own identity is inextricably linked to my severely, disabled older sister. She and I shared a bedroom. Frequently in... Continue Reading →


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