Funerals, White Lies, & Real Forgiveness

It had been an exhausting and emotional week spent in Nebraska for my 90 year old father-in-law’s funeral. After a week in hotel beds we decided to drive the seven and 1/2 hours home without stopping.  Both of us were lost in our own thoughts. We drove in silence, too tired for conversation.  However, the... Continue Reading →

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No Phony-Baloney Allowed

There can be no phony-baloney when it comes to translating the Scriptures. The word, phony-baloney was first used in 1936, or so says I love language, words, and experiencing life from other cultures and with people groups who view the world differently than me. I've learned over the years that translating from one language... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Two Hungry Boys

In this post I share the experiences of two five-year-old boys. Both, now adults, live very different lives. Kevin's story disturbed me greatly while Robby's gave me hope. The more their stories rolled around in my mind I realized I was missing something. I couldn't put my finger on what or why. I initially thought... Continue Reading →

Dethroning the Masculine Ideal

Recently this book, "The Representative Women of the Bible," published in 1907 caught my eye. It was high on the top shelf in the library - tucked between numerous modern and post-modern works about women. I've read so many books about women - written by women and written by men. The concept of woman, her... Continue Reading →

Gifts We Cherish

I've been working for months moving the books from my small study in a nook in our bedroom into what used to be my sewing studio. Today I asked myself where this passion for books came from and remembered a time when I was about six years old. I was kneeling in front of a... Continue Reading →

Silent No More

This post is about the insidious ways we silence others. While scrolling through my FB feed a few weeks ago, an ad for a new movie, Women Talking, popped up. The movie is based off the earlier book written by Miriam Toews. I watched the trailer, did some research, and quickly ordered the book from... Continue Reading →

The Power of Life

Vickie celebrated her 71st birthday a while ago. Wouldn't the medical prophets from the past be surprised to discover how wrong they were in calculating the length of her life. I read somewhere that living-things thrive to continue to be alive. The will to live is a powerful force. A month before her birthday I... Continue Reading →

Mothering One Another

Weaker and Stronger I was trapped. I stretched my little hands as hard as I could, trying to swat at the ants swarming all over my face. My head was stuck on the other side of the headboard in the bed I shared with my sister Vickie. We were very young. I was a toddler,... Continue Reading →

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