Genuine Love

I've discovered that much of 1 John is easy enough to translate from the Greek into English, yet I find his message a bit more perplexing than I expected. Note: I've included my own translations below but reference links to NRSV. We are familiar with John’s assertion that "God is Love" (4:8). I still remember my... Continue Reading →

Hearing the Word

I love making New Year’s resolutions, but was unable to do so this year. It’s February now and messages about love—love for spouses, family, and one another—are popping up all over our social networking sites, reminding us all that life is short so do what makes you happy. One thing I enjoy (along with caring... Continue Reading →

Immanuel: God With Us!

One of my favorite verses is found in Matthew's Gospel: “Lo, I am with you always!” I’ve clung to that promise from my childhood onward.  I bought the small plaque (pictured above) with the verse in German when living in Nebraska nearly 20 years ago. It now hangs in my sewing studio often reminding me... Continue Reading →

“I Pledge Allegiance . . .”

I Pledge Allegiance to… The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was referenced many times during Amy Coney Barrett’s judicial hearings, by the senate committee members and by Barrett herself.  On many occasions, when asked a question Barrett felt she should not answer, she quoted what is known as the Ginsburg rule, “no hints, no previews, no... Continue Reading →

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