“More Righteous Than I” (Gen 38:26)*

Bad Girls Years ago, Liz Curtis Higgs wrote a series of books with tantalizing titles: "Bad Girls of the Bible," "Really Bad Girls of the Bible," and "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible." They sold really well, undoubtedly displaying sound Biblical exegesis. Each of the books featured a cover depicting a woman's alluring, seductive gaze.... Continue Reading →

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‘Tis the Season for Stories

'Tis the Season for Stamps It's the season when we all, or we hope to at least, send out Christmas or holiday greeting cards to those we hold near and dear and to some not so dear. We've known deep in our heart that a group message to all our FB friends lacks the luster... Continue Reading →

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For Helen’s Sake

Today I write for the Helens in the world. Helen is a person I've not met. This post could just as easily be for Henry or Harold or Hannah or Hope for they live among us. But it is the name Helen I wish to be remembered. The Helens in the world are all around... Continue Reading →

A Time to Mourn

A Time to Mourn Monday morning my heart was aching. WHY Lord? When will peace rule? My heart still aches! I clicked open my audible app and listened to the book of Habakkuk while getting ready for work—all the while painfully aware of the privilege and safety of my own life in contrast to the... Continue Reading →

Jesus: A Male Like No Other

In Women and the Gender of God, author Amy Peeler points out that Jesus, born of Mary, is a human male. We're comfortable with his humanness. In times of struggle and suffering we cry out to Jesus. It is his very humanity that gives us courage, as humans ourselves, to approach him in prayer. After... Continue Reading →

Considering Mary & Beyond

We know so little about Mary - the mother of Jesus - the woman who carried the Son of God for nine months in her womb. Years ago, I spent months reading and researching all things Mary for my final graduate project at Johnson University. Protestants were beginning to examine and expound on the Biblical... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Diversity

I remember well reading Henry David Thoreau's Walden in 8th grade. Our teacher, Sandra Starr, asked probing questions that motivated the class to discuss the literature we read that year on a deeper level. I recall a heady excitement in anticipation for each class. Usually a quiet student, I found it quite natural to engage... Continue Reading →

No Phony-Baloney Allowed

There can be no phony-baloney when it comes to translating the Scriptures. The word, phony-baloney was first used in 1936, or so says Merriam-Webster.com. I love language, words, and experiencing life from other cultures and with people groups who view the world differently than me. I've learned over the years that translating from one language... Continue Reading →


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