Cherry-Picking & Breadcrumbs: Two Ways of Reading 1 Timothy, Part 2

HAVE WE LOST OUR WAY? In “Cherry-Picking & Breadcrumbs, Part 1,” available here, I claimed that using a cherry-picking methodology to study through the letters of Timothy and Titus – mis/identified as church-manuals centuries ago – in order to solve the women-in-leadership issues in the church is undoubtedly one of the reasons we are unable... Continue Reading →

Cherry-Picking & Breadcrumbs: Two Ways of Reading 1 Timothy, Part 1

HOW “CHERRY-PICKING” MISSES PAUL’S MESSAGE IN 1 TIMOTHY Ever since the early 1700s three short books in the Bible – 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus – have been classified as Pastoral Epistles (PE), with 1 Timothy relied upon as the premier church manual for churches everywhere. Is this a misclassification that obscures Paul's message... Continue Reading →

It All Began with a Hapax in a Haystack

In my Bib Research class in 2014, the professor assigned the task of selecting a scripture passage that would form the foundation for our final research project. I began listing subject after subject— theological matters that were of interest to me, while doggedly steering clear of all women’s issues.  But a thought niggled its way... Continue Reading →

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