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In the 70s I attended a small non-denominational Christian college associated with the Restoration Stone-Campbell churches in Nebraska. Here I met and married my best friend— an avid Arminian and me a recovering Calvinist.

Together we traversed our way through the Scriptures and investigated the theologies of both extremes in order to develop a richer view of God and of God’s Word.

Together we’ve served the Lord in a variety of settings—internationally in Europe, India, and in Haiti and in local churches in Colorado and Missouri.

Together we’ve accomplished some of our greatest work—that of educating and nurturing four young children to adulthood who follow faithfully after God’s call on their own lives. 

In 2008, I decided to attend Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri to study NT Greek. I fell in love with the language so continued my studies. In May, 2015, I completed a BA in Biblical Research with a concentration in both Biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew.

Most recently, in May, 2018, I finished an MANT from Johnson University. My graduate research project, titled “Mary, Mother May I?: Finding Hope for Restoration-Church Women in Mary’s Priestly Sacrifice Presented In Luke,” seeks to find a productive way to discuss the roles for men and women in the Body of Christ and specifically for those of us serving within the Restoration Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.


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