Go Tell John . . .

I seldom listen to music during the day. Oddly, music interferes with my thinking, lol! But, for some reason today I chose to listen to a favorite song from years ago while folding laundry: “Go Tell John” by Keith Lancaster/Acappella Company. You find it on Spotify or can listen to a sample here . The... Continue Reading →

This is the Day . . .

A favorite Bible verse greets me nearly every morning from my egg carton:  This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.Psalm 118:24 I usually take that moment to thank God for another day of life. If I'm a bit grumpy because I missed some solitude and a... Continue Reading →

“Mary, Mother May I?” Part 1 – The Hermeneutical Hurdle

A. Introduction In this series I begin sharing a good portion of my research project completed two years ago for my Masters in New Testament from Johnson University. It focused primarily upon Mary, Joseph’s wife, the mother of Jesus. These posts will expand further upon my original project, “Mary, Mother May I?: Finding Hope for Restoration... Continue Reading →

“Saved by the Blood”

Today I learned how menstruation, ironically, became a blessing rather than a banishment to the red tent. In the article linked below, I stumbled upon an interesting scenario where a woman's monthly flow could literally save her from death. Before we go there, let me share a few thoughts. Yes, I'm writing about menstruation, a topic... Continue Reading →

“It is Time for the Church to Come Clean”

We are a unique country boasting of exceptionalism. Yet, our current government agencies have come clean. They admit that COVID-19 is revealing weaknesses within nearly all of our country's institutions. It’s time we Christ-followers in the Church do the same.  We are an odd believing community boasting of faith. Responses to the current COVID-19 crisis... Continue Reading →

A Suffering Saint?

It was a long journey from my small, rural town in Nebraska to the grandeur of Haus Edelweiss – an ostentatious hunting lodge converted into a missionary base – located in the Vienna Woods. Were the rumors true – Napoleon and Hitler's troops had not only marched through the vicinity, but had lodged within? I berated myself for... Continue Reading →


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