A Child-like Theodicy…

From my earliest memories I have maintained a deep and intimate relationship with the Creator of this grand universe and have spent many years coming to understand how God moves and works in my life.

My own identity is inextricably linked to my severely, disabled older sister. She and I shared a bedroom. Frequently in the dark of the night we sought answers to the difficult questions of life in order to make sense of our own suffering and isolation. Later in my adult life I came to realize that we were engaging in the theological task of theodicy. 

Who is this God who allows pain and hardship?

We both knew in our heart that God is good. This reality helped us construct a healthy theodicy in spite of the toxic tale presented to us about God.

Our parents were mistaken. No matter how often we heard that God had chastised them with a disabled daughter, we knew better.

No, they were not being punished for their past sins as they frequently reminded us.

Instead they just missed the gift of blessing in their home.

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