Welcome Home.

Maybe we all need to “go home” and rethink what the Scriptures teach about the home and its place in the fulfillment of God’s plan for everyone to return safely home (Gen 3:15; John 3:16; 1 Tim 3:15).

The recent news of one Christian leader’s remark about another specific Christian woman who preaches, is nothing more than a power grab that elevates and maintains institutional authority – bringing to mind, of course the mother who wanted her sons to rule (Matt 20:20-28; Mk 10:35-45).

More damaging though, in my mind, is how the comment “go home” denigrates home and family and stands in stark contrast to the purpose and sanctity of home as portrayed throughout Scripture.

It also misses the significant work of the Holy Spirit in the early days of the church.

  • It was in her home, where Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit to declare the truth about the Holy One in Mary’s womb (Luke 1:40-41).
  • It was in this home where Mary magnified the Lord and proclaimed God’s mercy for all generations to come (Luke 1:46-50).
  • It was in a home where gathered men and women were filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:2-4).
  • It was in their homes where Holy Spirit-filled believers continued daily to teach and proclaim the Gospel message (Acts 5:42).
  • It was at home on the roof where Peter received a vision to visit Cornelius, a Gentile – at his home – for the Holy Spirit could pour forth on all who heard the Word preached in his home (Acts 10:30-32; 10:44-48).

Apparently the Holy Spirit is comfortable working in the lives of those who are “at home” or out in the streets.

Each of us yearn for home and restoration. Too long we’ve been lost sheep (Isaiah 53: 6), far from the home bleating to be found by the Good Shepherd (John  10:1-18). Too long we’ve dreamed of running home into the arms of our Heavenly Father (Luke 15:11-32).

When that reunion takes place we kill the fatted calf! We bring up more chairs from the basement. Another leaf is added to the table! More beans are added to the soup so there’s plenty to go around. We embrace as sisters and brothers, weeping, “Welcome Home!” There is never a time to tell others to “Go Home.”

Unless, perhaps, it is to go home to rethink the sanctity of home and what transpires there.

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